Roll-Up Doors

Commercial Roll-up

Roll-Up Doors Types:

Commercial & Industrial rolling steel door repair, replacement AND service from The Local Locksmith of Riverside:

Roll-up doors:

Used in warehouses like Amazon and Burlington Coat factory, airplane airport hangars, baseball game concession stands, storage facilities and even in stores. There are manufacturers and models to fit any budget or need. Roll-up doors in general need very little maintenance when operated and maintained properly. Roll-Up doors roll up into a coil to help save space and do not interfere with the interior building structure.

The Local Locksmith of Riverside specializes in repair’s coiling doors to help avoid a very costly replacement. Most stock parts we carry for quick repairs. We even find or fabricate hard to get parts for obsolete doors.

  • Heavy Duty Bottom Rails with full weather-seal
  • Various slat options and designs
  • Perforated Slat or Vision Lites for visibility or ventilation
  • Push/Pull, Motor, or Hand Chain operation available based on size, weight and use of the door
  • 26, 24, 22, and 18 gage galvanized steel
  • Various color and finishes available
  • Various weather-stripping and rodent proofing materials
  • High cycle use for high cycle openings
  • Slide Locks
  • Interlock systems
  • Integral Personnel door or wicket door for easy access

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