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We Open All Safes!
We Open All Safes!

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Wall safes, floor safes and gun safes make really great options for homeowners. wall safe’s are installed securely into your wall, the door to the wall safe is typically hidden.  Furniture, pictures and much more can be used to hide the door of the wall safe from view. Floor safe’s are concealed in the concrete of your floor, leaving it invisible to the naked eye. Gun safe’s can be used as multi-purpose safes to hide much more than just guns or keep things away from children. The practical purpose of the gun safe is to conceal a gun or gun’s with high security and keep them out of the reach of children and thieves. You can also keep important documents, money and other valuables secure and safe with a gun safe.

Drop safe’s are also a highly convenient option for business owners and small business owners alike. These type of safe’s are utilized to store large amounts cash and paperwork throughout the work days.

Fire safes are specifically and masterfully designed to withstand large amounts of high temperature fires.

Lost or forgotten the lock combination to your safe? Us here at the local locksmiths of riverside can help! Our highly trained technicians, with over 20 years of experience can pop open your dial safe with ease. Without destroying it! Then we can change your safe’s lock combination. Our technicians are always standing by to assist you with any safe unlocking need or installation.